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Welcome to Sweers Island


Queensland is now operating on a 'traffic light' system of advice to manage COVID-19.
Current status: GREEN

We are a remote island community. We don't have the same level of immunity to colds, flus or Covid as the mainland population, because we don't have the same daily exposure. But during the tourist season, Sweers is a 'hub' for transmission with guests mingling from all over Australia.

So we are doing our best to keep guests and staff safe from Covid by following the Australian Government Health Advice. We will be continuing to keep shared areas clean and sanitised for your health & well-being.

We welcome vaccinated guests (this includes children) Anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, or who has tested positive to Covid-19 in the week prior to their intended visit, should stay home and postpone their visit to another time. If you have had contact with someone who has Covid in the previous week, please test the day prior to your visit, as we know from experience that tests often do not show a positive reading until the 4th day after exposure to the virus.

We know that things are more causual than last year, and we have relaxed a lot of our protocols, however we are very remote, with no medical facilities on the island, so we ask all guests to support us in our efforts to keep Sweers Island safe.
We've already had one outbreak of Covid on the island but we managed to contain it and continue operating, however if all staff are affected, it could shut us down, so please take this seriously so that we can keep Sweers Island Resort open for your holiday.

HEALTH DECLARATION: Each guest is asked to contact us prior to arrival by phone (07 47485544) or EMAIL to confirm that they have no cold or flu-like symptoms.

We are confident that you will understand and support these measures taken to protect all concerned in these uncertain times and we look forward to welcoming you to Sweers Island.