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Welcome to Sweers Island

Important Information

LUGGAGE: Check the luggage restrictions of your chosen carrier, particularly in relation to fishing rod length. Jetstar's limit is 1.9m for fishing rod holders etc. Virgin's limit is 3m. REX limit is 2m. If you are travelling by charter aircraft, please travel light, if unsure, check with your pilot.

ALCOHOL: Sweers Island is part of Mornington Shire and therefore we are subject to its alcohol restrictions. Our airstrip is not included in our licensed area and it is an offence to possess alcohol on the airstrip. The maximum penalty for a first offence is $42,693.00 so we suggest that you do not try to bring alcohol in your aircraft or vessel.   VESSELS OR AIRCRAFT CARRYING ALCOHOL IN RESTRICTED AREAS MAY BE CONFISCATED.   We have a fully licensed bar with a good range of beer, wines & spirits and we also stock souvenirs, basic fishing tackle, lures, and general supplies like sunscreen etc. We keep our prices reasonable and equivalent to mainland prices. If you would like to see our price list for the bar or other items just contact us and we can email you a price list.

If you intend to travel to Sweers Island from Burketown or Karumba in your own boat READ THIS Your boat is not a 'weapon', you are not an expert seaman, and should your engine fail in heavy seas, your boat will turn side on, overturn, and you will cost the taxpayer at least half a million dollars to find you (hopefully) or your body.
There is no valid excuse to be caught out in rough weather. The 'Willy Weather' app forecasts up to five days ahead and it is fairly accurate. If they say it is going to blow forty five Km per hr on a certain day, believe them. "I've gotta be back at work on Monday" is not a a valid excuse for risking lives. Better late than dead on time. Do not believe the myth that the wind drops off each afternoon. It drops off SOME afternoons.
In 1992 two men died in this area after disregarding weather advice from a pro fisherman. In 2017 a man spent 14 hours in the water after his 6m boat overturned in heavy seas.
Sweers Island is not just over the horizon. It is over 55 kilometres of open water from the mouth of the Albert River to Sweers.
If you advise us of an arrival time and you don't turn up, we will, after an appropriate wait, advise the police that you are missing. We don't want another fatality.
At Sweers Island we do not provide a free breakdown rescue service. If you need to be towed, it will cost you. We do not carry any spare parts, batteries, anchors etc for your boats. We do not work on your engines. We do not lend tools or equipment. We recommend Jones Marine at Karumba. We do not provide a mooring for your boat. It is your responsibility to have an adequate anchor.
We do not give advice on whether or not you should travel. You are the skipper, it is your decision and your responsibility. A marine VHF repeater operating on channel 80 has recently been installed on Inspection Hill on Sweers Island approx 30m above sea level. This should provide VHF coverage across the lower Gulf. Check your radio before you leave. Do not put to sea without a serviceable marine VHF. Not a marine CB or a mobile phone.

We strongly recommend that you do not travel by boat in open Gulf waters from early November until late March. Conditions can change rapidly from calm to extremely rough. Storm fronts come through with winds often reaching 50 knots (90+ kph). Being caught in open water could be catastrophic.

During the COVID-19 PANDEMIC the island is strictly limited in how many people can be on the island at the same time. Please do not come out to the island without checking ahead as you may not be able to come ashore. During the 'off season' or during Shire Lockdowns, the island is strictly off limits as it is in a Pandemic Control Zone.