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Are there Ensuites?

2 of our 7 cabins have ensuites. 1 x 4-bed cabin and 1 x 2-bed cabin. We usually allocate these to elderly guests, families of 4 with young children or couples, on a first-come first-served basis. You can request an ensuite cabin when you book, however if a couple or elderly couple book in after you, we might contact you to reconsider. There is no extra charge for an ensuite cabin. The toilet facilities are nearby and the path is lit at night.

Do the rooms have airconditioning?

Yes, all of our cabins have been upgraded with air-conditioning. The cabins are airy and spacious with ceiling fans. There is no extra charge for an airconditioned cabin.

Is there WIFI or mobile services?

Sweers Island is a remote location, so you can relax and avoid the clutter of social media for a while!

There is a Telstra Mobile Cell at Burketown on the mainland for which we have a booster in the bar area. We usually get service in the mornings and evenings. Providing you have a Telstra mobile phone, you can check your emails and update your fishing photos to Facebook here! 

Starlink has recently been installed for our guests to utilise in and around the dining/bar area. Login details will be provided to you upon arrival into the area.

Is there TV?

No. Sweers Island is a wilderness area so you can relax and be 'remote-free' for a while! We have ABC Regional Radio in the Lodge area if you need to check up on the Footy Scores or daily news!

Is there a fridge in the room?

No. But if you have medications or special dietary items that require refrigeration, you are welcome to leave them in the kitchen coolroom, where you can access them at any time, day or night.

Is the island wheelchair friendly?

We have had several guests visit in wheelchairs, however bear in mind that it is a sandy island, and it may be difficult to get around in soft sand, however, if your mates can assist you in and out of the boats (rear step) we provide a plastic chair for showering and will assist you as much as possible.

Is there a laundry?

Yes, there is a washing machine for guests to use, laundry powder is included in the tariff. Water is limited so do bring a couple of changes of clothes so that you can spend your time enjoying your holiday and don't have to wash every day.

My partner does not fish, what else is there to do on the island?

There are sandy beaches to enjoy, beach swimming options, bush tracks to explore, great birdwatching, and history tours can be arranged. We often get mixed groups where the guys go fishing in the morning while their partners relax, then after lunch they all go out together. You don't have to be a fisherperson either - you can take a picnic lunch and motor round the island by boat, stopping for lunch and a swim at a deserted beach.

I have special dietary requirements. How do I organise this?

Just let us know what your requirements are when you make your booking - especially allergies! Also if you are Vegetarian or Gluten-intolerant. Everyone eats together, and we can plan meals to suit everyone as long as we know ahead of time. We are a long way from the shops, so bring anything really specific that you need (eg:Soy milk, gluten free snacks) but we can usually cater for most dietary requirements. 

Is there a bar?

Yes. Sweers Island is part of Mornington Shire, therefore is subject to its alcohol restrictions. You may purchase alcohol at the bar and consume alcohol on the Resort Premises (bar, dining area, cabins), at the filleting station or in the boats. Our prices are reasonable and we have a good selection of beer, wines, spirits and soft drinks to choose from. You can email us for a pricelist if you like.

Can I bring my own favourite beer/wine?

No, but if you let us know ahead of time, we may be able to order in your favourite beverages. Sweers Island is part of Mornington Shire, therefore is subject to its alcohol restrictions. You can be heavily fined if you are found with alcohol in your aircraft or baggage.

Can we take beer out in the boats?

Yes. However Alcohol and Boats do not mix. Boat drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol and we recommend that passengers restrict their alcohol intake. Fisheries Inspectors and Water Police can and do conduct breathalyser tests and the penalty includes not only losing your boat licence but your drivers licence as well. We now stock a range of alcohol-free beers and wines so that the boat driver can enjoy a refreshing beer without the alcohol.

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