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Things To Do

My partner does not fish. What else is there to do on the island?

Enjoy and relax on or near our pristine beaches! Pack a picnic lunch, walk the sandy beaches, swim if you so choose to, walk the bush tracks and explore, great birdwatching, and so much more!!!

Can I swim?

Yes, however at your own risk. Whilst there are many lovely sandy beaches to swim from (one right outside the lodgings) there are sharks, sting rays etc. all present in the gulf waters. 

What about snorkelling or scuba diving?

There is some coral and lots of fish but the shallow Gulf waters mean that visibility is often poor. We do not supply snorkelling or dive equipment, but if you are a keen and experienced snorkeller in open waters, it is worth packing your mask and fins.

Are there crocodiles?

No, there are no river systems on Sweers Island that would support a resident croc although they are on the other islands and in mainland rivers.

Are there sharks?

There are no more, or no less sharks than anywhere else in Australia. You may be lucky enough to see some hammerhead sharks basking at sea, or some small reef sharks feeding in the shallows.

Are there snakes?

There are a couple of harmless snakes on the island including Water Pythons, Childrens Pythons and Green Tree Pythons. The only venemous snake is the Black Whip Snake which is not deadly.

How did the cane toads get here?

It is most likely that they washed out from the mainland in the 1974 floods. There were huge numbers in Burketown at the time, and we often see logs wash out of the rivers and also have seen toads washed out to sea, some of them still swimming!

What animals are there on the island?

There are lots of Goannas and Lizards, but no wallabies or larger animals. There are no feral animals, therefore the birdlife is prolific, with over 100 species of birds. No mice, rats, ticks and no fleas - so our dogs are very lucky!

How soon can I come back?

As soon as you like! We have had one guest return after just 2 weeks, and some regulars visit several times a year. Others visit as kids with their parents, then return many years later with their own children. New visitors are always welcome!

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