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Boats and Fishing

What are your boats like?

Our custom-built, 4.7 metre aluminium catamarans are powered by reliable 40hp, 4-stroke, key-start outboards. Each boat is equipped with rod holders and echo sounders and can carry up to four persons. On-board you will find handlines and tackle as well as all necessary safety equipment. They are in survey for daylight operation only. Please make sure you are back at the beach before dark.

Is there a guide?

No. The 4.7m dinghies supplied as part of your tariff are self-drive. We give you a thorough briefing on arrival and provide you with a map of the area. The vessel is yours for the duration of your stay, and you can fish from dawn till dusk. Most fishing is within a mile of the shore. If you feel like a guided session for your first visit, consider a half day charter on our skippered/guided vessel Salomon.

Do I need a boat license?

The driver should hold a Recreational Marine Drivers License. We will also give you a thorough briefing on arrival and check you out on the vessel to satisfy ourselves that you are competent before you take it out.

Is it cheaper if we bring our own boat?

Not really. There is the cost of fuel to drive from the mainland town down the river and out to sea to consider, along with wear and tear on your boat and trailer. If you break down at the island the only option is to freight your boat back to Karumba on the barge, at great cost.

Do you sell fuel?

Fuel is included in the tariff for resort guests who can top up their tanks at any time. Unfortunately no fuel is available for sale to the public.

What fishing tackle is supplied?

Handlines, hooks and sinkers are all supplied. You are welcome to bring your fishing rod, the boats are fitted with rod holders. Each boat is equipped with bait cutting board, gaff, donger, knives and a basic tackle box. There is a selection of lures available for sale at the bar, along with trace wire, line etc.

What tackle should I bring?

Basic handline tackle is supplied but if you like rod fishing or fly fishing, bring what you need for that. Perhaps a selection of lures for chasing the Barra or Queenies off the beach. 

Do I need to bring bait?

A great selection of bait is available for your purchase upon arrival so there is no need to bring bait with you.

Can we take fish home?

Yes. You can fillet your catch and snap freeze it in our special trays, or take that prize trout home whole.

Should we bring eskies or do you supply polystyrene boxes?

We usually have plenty of polystyrene boxes for you to pack your fish in. The airlines prefer them to an esky with a drainhole which has the potential to leak in flight. Check with us before you leave home to see if we currently have boxes in stock.

Can we bring our own boat and camp on the island?

To camp on the Wellesley Islands you would require a Permit from the local Aboriginal Council, unless on our Resort area which does not have a designated camping ground. There are no moorings for visiting vessels and you would have to bring your own camping equipment. There would be a fee for the use of resort facilities. Note that the Southeasterly winds can come up very quickly, making the seas between Karumba/Burketown and the islands very rough and treacherous and not suitable for small inshore vessels. You would also have to carry enough fuel for your return trip and it is common for campers to be marooned here for extra time due to the seas being unsafe for travel back to the mainland.

Can we bring our own boat and stay in a cabin?

You are welcome to book a cabin upon your arrival, if one is available. However we cannot accept advanced bookings for visitors in their own boats, as your travel plans are likely to change, depending on weather conditions.

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